Cancer Services in Ireland:

The National Cancer Control Programme (NCCP) was set up in 2007 to implement the National Cancer Control Strategy which was published the previous year.


The NCCP aims to reduce the number of cancer cases and deaths from cancer by applying best practice in areas such as prevention, early detection, diagnosis and treatment. After the launch of the NCCP in 2007, a key priority was the establishment of designated cancer centres for cancer surgery.


The majority, but not all, cancer surgery now takes place in the designated cancer centres.


Eight hospitals have been designated as cancer centres (with a satellite unit in Letterkenny General Hospital).


The eight centres include:










*Surgery for gynaecological cancers is performed in all cancer centres except Beaumont Hospital.


As well as the eight designated cancer centres, other hospitals provide cancer services such as chemotherapy.


Psycho-oncology services:

Psycho-oncology services are available at the main cancer centres or referrals can be made by your treating physician. Psycho-oncology is concerned both with the effects of cancer on a person's psychological health as well as the social and behavioural factors that may affect the disease process of cancer


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